How to Fix a Leaky Pair of Rubber Boots

by Nicole Fotheringham ; Updated September 28, 2017

Patch leaky boots so they can return to service.

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You don't have to patch a pair of leaky rubber boots -- just patch them up. Small cuts, tears and holes can be easily repaired using an adhesive. When choosing an adhesive for your boot repair, choose a flexible silicone adhesive that will not crack after it dries and makes the boots more water resistant. Small holes can be repaired using silicone glue; larger holes require a rubber boot repair kit. Both silicone glue and a rubber boot repair kit can be obtained from most retail, farm and home, or fishing supply stores.

Scuff the area around the hole or tear with the sand paper.

Wash the boots with soapy water and then rinse the boots with fresh water. Dry the boots thoroughly as damp surfaces will compromise the adhesive bond.

Cover small holes with the silicone glue and then let the glue dry. For bigger holes, choose a patch from the repair kit that covers your hole. Apply repair kit glue to both the patch and around the hole or tear. Let the glue dry until it is sticky to the touch.

Press the patch firmly over the hole or tear. Run your finger over the patch to be sure that all air bubbles are removed from underneath the patch.

Let the rubber boots sit for 48 hours before using them. This applies to both the silicone glue and the patch repair kit.


  • Bicycle puncture repair kits can be used in a pinch, but they are unlikely to be a long-term solution. If your shoes have soles that are sewn on, you can also take them to a cobbler to be replaced.

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