How to Replace the Battery in a Stuhrling Watch

Stuhrling is an American brand of luxury watch that combines the latest technology with Swiss timepiece assembly traditions. Founded in the late 20th century, Stuhrling manufactures both women and men's watches and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Like many other luxury timepieces, Stuhrling watches are powered by a battery. Occasionally, the battery will lose power and need to be replaced for the watch to operate. Changing a Stuhrling watch battery can be done with a single tool.

Determine if your Stuhrling watch is pressurized. These are sealed, water-tight, water-resistant and waterproof watches that contain a gasket. Consult your owner's manual; if the Stuhrling is pressurized, take it to a professional repair service.

Remove the retaining screws on the back of your Stuhrling watch. Place the screws near the watch for easy retrieval.

Pull off the back of your Stuhrling watch by hand or use your fingernails to pry it up, exposing the battery. Set the back next to the retaining screws.

Tilt up the retaining clip and note the pole position of the battery or where the "+" and "-" signs are situated.

Pull the old battery out and fit the new battery into the Stuhrling watch, matching the poles or positive and negative sides.

Push the retaining clip down and put the back on your Stuhrling watch. Insert the retaining screws into the back and tighten with your screwdriver. Wind your Stuhrling as normal thereafter.