How to Remove the Back From a Timex Watch

by Matthew Fortuna ; Updated September 28, 2017

You can remove the back of your Timex watch with simple tools.

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Timex watches are among the most well-known in the world, and are often regarded for the technology innovations and style. These watches most often feature small batteries that can be replaced when the watch stops working. You can replace your battery in your Timex watch in just minutes with a small Philips-head screwdriver. By doing this, you can remove the back of the watch and have the battery replacement ready in just minutes.

Items you will need

  • Small Philips-head screwdriver
  • Tweezers
Step 1

Locate the small screws on the back of the Timex face and use your small Philips head screwdriver to remove each screw.

Step 2

Place the screws in a safe location and notice the notches on the back of the watch plate. There are small notches surrounding the outside of the back plate and these are used to pry the plate open.

Step 3

Insert a small blade such as a pair of tweezers or a flat head screwdriver into one of the notches below the back plate.

Step 4

Pry the plate open by turning the blade and lifting the plate off the watch to finish the process.

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  • tweezers on white image by Bartlomiej Nowak from

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