How to Remove the Crown From a Quartz Watch

Quartz watches are powered by a battery. In order to repair your watch, it may be necessary to remove the crown. Removing the crown of your quartz watch is a simple process that can be done with a mini screwdriver and a watch-case opener knife. The simple process works on all models and brands of quartz watches.

Unscrew the crown as far as possible.

Put the watch face down on a soft cloth. Place a case opener knife in the area where the back flap of the watch meets the case. If necessary, use a mini screwdriver to open the back of the case; there is higher risk that you will scratch the back of your watch case with a screwdriver.

Pry open the back of the case by wiggling the case opener knife and pushing down on the handle. You may need to apply some force to pop open the back.

Loosen the tiny screw on the inside of the watch near the crown with a mini screwdriver. Do not remove the screw completely.

Pull the crown straight out. If the crown does not come out, loosen the screw a little more.