How to Disassemble Remington Shavers

Remington electric shavers can be disassembled with a few basic household tools, whether you want to replace the rechargeable batteries or take apart the device to see how an old shaver works.

Remove the two or four Phillips head screws from the back of the Remington shaver.

Remove the back cover from the shaver, using a flat blade screwdriver to pry up the cover gently if it will not pop off by itself.

If the cover still doesn't come off, check beneath the rubber grip on the back cover by peeling it off to locate two hidden screws on some models. Remove those screws.

Remove the battery strap near the base of the grip by popping up one end with a flat-blade screwdriver.

Disconnect the battery pack from the battery brackets mounted on the circuit board by cutting the wires from the battery pack. On models with removable, rechargeable batteries, lift the batteries out of the compartment. Remington electric shavers typically use either a battery pack or two to three AA-size batteries, depending on the model.

Remove the circuit board by extracting the small screws holding it to the inside of the front cover of the shaver.

Lift the rotary shaver assembly and cutting blades out of the notched grooves on the head of the Remington, pushing with the tip of a Phillips head screwdriver, if necessary, to pop them out.

Snap apart the rotary blade assembly to separate the blades, gears, retainer plate and head frame, which is shaped like a triangle with three holes inside.

Disconnect the motor wires, either by cutting the wires or using a soldering iron to melt away the solder securing the two wires to the battery compartment.

Snap the motor out of its holding bracket or remove the two screws holding the motor in place, depending on the Remington model. The motor is about half the size of a golf ball. It's flat on one side with rounded corners and is installed inside a white plastic housing to absorb vibration. The mounting screws are bolted through the plastic housing.