How to Disassemble a Norelco Shaver

Norelco shavers are convenient for personal grooming on the go. Most Norelco shavers are rechargeable, and the shaver heads remove quickly for cleaning. The battery inside a Norelco shaver is not as accessible. Norelco uses a AA battery soldered into the control board of the shaver. You can replace the battery by soldering a new one into place. If you are considering replacing the battery in your shaver instead of purchasing a new shaver, you must remove the cover as well as the shaver heads.

Remove the razor from the charging base or unplug the cord from the razor. Press the razor head release button under the bottom of the razor and flip open the razor head assembly.

Turn the black locking bracket counterclockwise. The locking bracket is around the retaining frame that secures the razor heads to the razor. Lift the locking bracket and the retaining frame off of the razor.

Lift each razor head out with your finger tips. Pay attention to where each head goes because when you reinstall the heads they must go back into their original holes. Flip each head over to remove the cutters from the head.

Remove the two Torx screws on the side of the razor with a Torx driver. Turn the razor over so that the razor head side is facing down.

Lift off the cover with your fingers. Some Norelco razors have two additional screws that are hidden under a rubber backing on the back of the razor. The rubber backing is glued to the shaver, requiring that the backing be pried off with a small flathead screwdriver. These model shaver will also use four Phillips-head screwdrivers rather than two Torx screws.