How to Lubricate a Norelco Razor

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Electric razors, including those made by Norelco, require maintenance for optimal performance. Weekly maintenance includes brushing stray hairs from the blades. Monthly the blades should be removed and cleaned to remove debris and dirt. Once the razor is thoroughly cleaned, a lubricating agent may be applied to the heads to keep them moving freely. Cleaning the razor and lubricating the heads extends the life of the razor.

Turn the wheel in the middle of the razor counter-clockwise while applying pressure. This releases the frame around the razor heads so that it may be removed.

Remove each cutter from the head by lifting it up. Set them aside.

Brush hairs from the cutters and heads using the cleaning brush.

Soak the cutter in Norelco razor cleaner or rubbing alcohol for 15 to 30 seconds. This removes dirt and oil that can affect performance. Allow the parts to air dry.

Place the cutters back into the razor. Replace the frame around the cutters.

Place a drop of mineral oil onto the razor heads or spray with Norelco razor lubricant. Carefully spread the oil or lubricant around the head using a clean finger.

Turn on the razor to distribute the lubricant through the heads.