How to Clean Blades of Oster Clippers

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Your Oster clipper blades need to be cleaned and oiled frequently. The time period for cleaning will depend on your personal preference. You may prefer to clean your clippers after each use or after using them four or five times. Before cleaning the blades of your Oster clippers, you must be sure that the blades are cool before removing them from the clipper.

Push up the latch that is on the back of the Oster clipper, below the blade. Hold the latch inward to open the clipper head. This is the "open" position. Remove the blade by lifting the top of the blade at an angle, and continue to lift the blade off of the sliver spring on which it is housed.

Brush hair out of the teeth of the blade with a toothbrush. In a sweeping motion, brush in the same direction as the comb on the blade.

Slide the lower, second blade out to one side and continue to remove hair. Then slide the lower blade out to the other side to remove the remaining hair. The top rail will be upright during this process.

Clean the blade with Oster Blade Wash. For brand new blades, this cleaner removes substances applied during manufacturing. Oster Blade Wash cleans dirt and oil from your Oster blades and lubricates them for improvement of blade performance.

Slide the lower blade remaining outward, and apply either Oster clipper grease or lubricating oil on the side of the upper and lower rails. Then slide the lower rail to the other side, and place lubricating oil on the side of the upper and lower rails. Spread the oil or grease with your finger tip.

Turn the blade over and place lubricating oil on the lower ledge or running rail that is found on the side that is opposite of the teeth of the upper and lower blades.

Oil the face of the blade to prevent the face from rusting during clipper storage. Then use a cloth to remove excess oil from the clipper.