How to Clean & Sterilize Hair Clippers

Cleaning your hair clippers after each use is important. It helps keeps the clippers sharper for a longer time. Remove any pieces of hair that may clog up the clippers the next time you use them, which can harm the clippers and your skin. It is important to use a sterilized set of clippers every time you trim your hair to avoid contracting germs, especially if you are sharing them with other people.

Remove the compartment on the clippers that stores the hair, and empty it into the trash. Do this over the trash can, according to, to avoid a mess in the sink or on the floor.

Brush any large stray hairs away from the clipper blade with a tiny cosmetic brush (or a toothbrush).

Pour 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol over the blades over a sink.

Repeat until the alcohol runs clean and clear off the blade.

Allow the clippers to dry.