How to Remove the Blade on a Schick Quattro for Women

by Andrew Todd

The Schick Quattro for Women is a personal razor, designed for use by women. The word “Quattro” translates to the number four in Spanish, representing the number of blades in the razor’s cartridge. After regular use, the blades on the blade cartridge will begin to dull, and must be replaced; continuing to shave with a dull blade could lead to skin irritation and a higher probability of cuts. Prior to installing a new blade cartridge, you must first remove the old blade cartridge.

Step 1

Hold the razor in your hand with the blade facing away from you. Hold the razor over a table or counter.

Step 2

Locate the button on the back of the razor head and place your finger on it.

Step 3

Push the button toward the front of the razor until the blade pops off of the razor handle.


  • To install the new blade cartridge, place the blade cartridge container face-down on a table or counter, with the slot on the back of the cartridge facing up. Insert the handle of the razor into the cartridge fully until the cartridge locks onto the handle and an audible "click" is heard. Lift the handle away from the cartridge container to remove the blade, which is now attached to the handle, from the cartridge container.

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