How to Set a Timex Ironman

by William Pullman ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Timex Ironman is a line of digital wrist watches. Ironman watches need to be set by the user and have several buttons to navigate through the watch's menus and features. Unlike many digital watches that have small buttons that are difficult to press, the buttons on Ironman watches are large and comfortable to use. Users should have no problem using the buttons, no matter the size of their fingers.

Press and hold the "Recall/Set" button until the seconds unit on the display starts blinking. The "Recall/Set" button is on the right, bottom corner of the watch face.

Push the "Lap/Reset" button to reset the seconds unit to "00." The "Lap/Reset" button is the right button located below the watch face.

Advance to the hours unit by pressing the "Mode" button. The "Mode" button is the button located to the left of the watch face. The hours unit will start to blink when you press the "Mode" button.

Change the hours unit by pressing the "Lap/Reset" button. The hours unit will advance by one each time the button is pressed.

Move to the minutes unit by pressing the "Mode" button. The minutes unit will start to blink.

Change the minutes unit by pressing the "Lap/Reset" button.

Save the setting by pressing the "Recall/Set" button. This will exit the watch's setup mode.

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