How to Replace the Battery in a Remington Titanium R 960

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The Remington Titanium R-960 razor uses a rechargeable battery. The indicator light turns to red when the battery requires a new charge. However, the battery will eventually wear down and refuse to accept one. The Remington R-960 model is currently unavailable. Typically, you must buy replacement batteries from Remington. The Titanium R-960 uses the same batteries as the R-846, R-950 and R-970.

Disconnect the shaver from any electrical outlets. Remove it from the charger. Turn the shaver off.

Gently lift the electric razor's head and pull it away from the razor.

Insert a small screwdriver into the screw on the top-back of the razor. Remove this screw by turning the screwdriver counter-clockwise. Repeat this process with the screw near the bottom of the back of the razor.

Pry the two sides of the razor apart.

Place one finger on the battery to hold it in place. Slide the clips that attach to the terminal on the battery away from the battery.

Remove the dead battery and set it aside.

Insert the replacement battery. Slide the clips back to their original position.

Push the two sides of the razor back in place.

Place the screws in their original position. Tighten using a screwdriver.