How to Deactivate a Smoke Alarm

While it's best to leave your smoke detectors enabled and ready at all times, situations sometimes arise that call for disabling them. If you're doing a lot of baking or frying and your alarms are particularly sensitive, if you're having a party and a lot of your guests are smokers, or if you're planning a long, hot shower in a location that typically sets off your alarm, you may want to disable it. Disabling the detector for a short period of time only takes a minute of your time and you'll be free from annoying false alarms.

Battery Removal

Open the door that houses the battery of your smoke detector.

Remove the battery.

Leave the door open to remind you to replace the battery.

Air Deprivation

Locate a plastic baggie or trash bag, or cut a piece of plastic sheeting large enough to cover the smoke alarm.

Cut several pieces of tape -- enough to cover the perimeter of the plastic.

Place the plastic over the smoke alarm and tape the edges to the sealing. This will cut off air to the alarm and prevent it from sounding.

Remove the plastic and tape when you want your alarms to reactivate.

Power Source Cut Off

Open your household fuse box.

Locate the fuse or switch that controls your smoke alarms. One switch is usually wired to all the alarms.

Remove the fuse or flip the switch to deactivate the alarms.

Turn the switch back on or replace the fuse when your need for deactivation is complete.