How to Turn on a Tanning Bed at Tantopia

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Using a tanning bed is a proven method for getting a tan indoors. Regulated use is a safer way of darkening the pigments within the skin. Although publications released by the FDA warn about dangers associated with tanning beds, the beds are safer when exposure is below 12 minutes at a time. Located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Tantopia is a chain of tanning salons that feature Ergoline tanning beds. Setting the timer to a limit when turning on a Tantopia tanning bed can help minimize UV exposure, reducing the risk of serious skin conditions.

Choose your tanning bed model. At Tantopia, there are two types of tanning beds to choose from, and both are produced by Ergoline. The Ergoline 600 Classic bed and Ergoline 800 Fiery Red have similar tanning technologies, but the latter boasts stronger lamps and additional features, such as enhanced facial tanning lamps, specialized misting spritzers and UV odor neutralizers.

Plug the power chord of the machine into a power source. If the machine is not already plugged in and installed, make sure that the circuit board located underneath the tanning machine is plugged into a 220V outlet or a voltage transformer that will convert the voltage to an appropriate power level.

Switch on the tanning bed. If the machine is not already turned on, flip the switch located on the side of the machine located near where the hood of the tanning bed hinges to the rest of the apparatus.

Ask the Tantopia employee to set the external timer for the tanning bed.

Lie down, face up, in the center of the tanning bed.

Review the number of minutes listed on the digital counter above your head. If necessary, press the control buttons to increase or decrease the number of minutes that you wish to tan.

Press the start button, located on the inside of the hood of the tanning bed above your head. This will cause the hood of the tanning bed to lower and the lamps to turn on.