How to Change the Time on a Breitling B-1

Founded in 1884, Breitling is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end watches that is now mainly targeted at aviators. Breitling's B-1 is a steel men's watch produced from 1999 through 2001. Changing the time on the Breitling B-1 is fairly straightforward.

Rotate the crown (the knob on the right side of the watch) to select the "TIME" function.

Pull the crown to its "out" position.

Press the button above the crown to select "24-hour" or the "AM/PM" time format.

Press the button below the crown to select "hours."

Rotate the crown until the correct hour is displayed.

Repeat steps 4 and 5, selecting and setting minutes, then seconds.

Push the crown into the "in" position.