How to Marinate Meat With a FoodSaver

According to the FoodSaver manual, marinating meat in a vacuum-sealed container opens the meat's pores, allowing the marinade to penetrate more quickly and deeply. Instead of marinating meat overnight, you can cut your prep time to 20 minutes. This is easiest with a FoodSaver vacuum packaging canister. (If you use a regular vacuum sealing bag, the machine might suck up some of the liquid marinade along with the air unless you freeze the marinade first.) Your machine must have an appliance port to use the vacuum packaging canister; check your user manual before you begin.

Place the FoodSaver on a dry, level surface, such as a counter. Plug it in.

Place the meat inside the vacuum packaging canister and pour the marinade over it. Leave at least 1 inch of space at the top. Wipe any liquid off of the rim and seal the lid by snapping the latches into place.

Insert one end of the accessory hose in the accessory port on the FoodSaver and the other end in the hole on top of the vacuum packaging canister. Twist while inserting for a tight fit.

Press the Canister Vacuum button or the Vacuum & Seal button, depending on your model. The machine will stop when all the air has been removed.

Remove the accessory hose and remove the latches from the canister lid. Check the seal; if the lid does not move when you pull it, it is properly sealed.

Store the meat in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. To open, push the gray button on the lid or turn the knob to "open," depending on your model.