How to Put Together a Cuisinart Blender

blender with milk cocktail image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Blenders can crush ice, blend or mix ingredients for smoothies, chop vegetables or even puree baby food. Cuisinart blenders feature sleek designs in many colors to match your home decor. All models have a high-quality stainless steel blade assembly, measured pour lid and a sturdy base for easy cooking and safety in your kitchen.

Turn the blender jar upside down on a flat, sturdy surface. Place the rubber gasket over the round opening located on the bottom of the blender jar.

Place the blade assembly upside down over the blender jar opening. Be sure the blade end is inside the jar opening.

Turn the rubber gasket and blade assembly clockwise to secure in place. Once the gasket and blade are tightened, turn the blender jar right side up.

Push the PVC cover into place on top of the blender jar. Place the pour lid into the cover. Align the "pour" marking with the spout on the jar to prevent leakage.

Line up the jar markings with the motor base and push into place. The blender jar is secured when the jar markings are facing you and the handle is on one side.

Plug in your Cuisinart blender and use.