How to Install New Heads in a Norelco Razor

A Norelco electric razor is one of the most popular brands on the market. A Norelco razor can give you a smooth, clean shave with little irritation. The razor is easy to use and maintain, but like most things with moving parts, the razor heads will dull over time. Replacing and installing new razor heads in your Norelco razor is easy.

Install New Heads in a Norelco Razor

Push the Norelco razor head release button. This will open the head assembly and you can remove the old razor heads.

Turn the plastic center wheel counterclockwise to remove the razor assembly from the frame.

Remove the old razor heads from the razor assembly. Clean the assembly with a small razor brush. Insert the new razor heads. Replacement Norelco razor heads are available at Walmart and other stores.

Return the razor assembly to the frame and turn the center wheel clockwise. Do not overtighten the assembly. Put the razor assembly back on the razor body.