How to Use the Norelco Jet Clean System

Several models of Norelco electric razors come with the Jet Clean System, an automatic cleaning device that cleans and disinfects the razor head. The Jet Clean System uses a cleaning solution to remove any remaining hair in the razor head while killing any bacteria that formed on the unit. With regular use of the Jet Clean System, you ensure the continued proper operation and safety of the razor.

Set the Jet Clean System base on a flat surface and pull the cleaning reservoir out of the base.

Unscrew the fill cap on the reservoir, pour Jet Clean Solution into the reservoir and replace the reservoir in the base.

Plug the power cord of the cleaning base into and electrical outlet.

Remove the protective cover on the razor head and place it to the side. The protective cover must be removed or the cleaning system will not work.

Slide the razor head into the base, push back on the razor handle and press the locking lever down to keep it in place. The indicator light on the cleaning base will blink, indicating the razor is inserted properly and charging.

Press the "On/Off" button on the side of the cleaning base. The razor will lower into the cleaning solution and begin the cleaning process, which takes approximately one hour. The razor will rise out of the cleaning solution when the cleaning process is complete.

Lift up on the locking lever, remove the razor from the cleaning base and rinse the razor heads under warm water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. The razor is now clean and ready for use.