How to Clean a Dirty Epilator

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A epilator is a battery-operated or electric device that removes body hair. It works by removing the hair from the root, so unlike shaving, the hair removal can last for up to three weeks. Your epilator will get dirty over time and require cleaning. Proper cleaning will prevent the device from becoming clogged with hair, which can keep it from working well.

Step 1

Turn off the epilator and unplug it if it’s an electrical device. Do not try cleaning it while it’s plugged in or turned on.

Step 2

Remove the head from the epilator. Most epilators come with a detachable head. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions on removing the head, because this will vary among manufacturers.

Step 3

Brush off the head of the epilator with a small brush. Some models come with a cleaning brush specifically for removing the hair from the epilator. If yours does not, use a small paintbrush to remove the hair. Use the brush to also brush loose hairs out of the base of the epilator where the head attaches.

Step 4

Rinse the head of the epilator under warm water. Soak the head, if necessary, in a cup of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Let it soak for 15 to 30 minutes, then remove it and rinse thoroughly under warm water.

Step 5

Moisten a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Squeeze the tip of the swab with your hands so it’s not soaking wet.

Step 6

Wipe any remaining residue from the head and body of the epilator with the cotton swab. Rinse it again under warm water to wash away the residue.

Step 7

Shake the head and body of the epilator to remove excess water, then dry all parts with a clean rag. Let the unit air-dry completely before reattaching the head and turning on the epilator.