How Does a Nostril Hair Trimmer Work?

How Trimmers Are Used

Nostril hair trimmers are used to trim unwanted or unsightly hair from the nasal passage entrance as well as hair from around the exterior of the ear canal. For the nostrils, the trimmer is guided into the nostril so that the cutting blades contact the hairs near the exterior of the nostril. For the ears, guide the trimmer near the exterior of the ear canal. Keep in mind that for both the ears and nose that a certain amount of hair is necessary to prevent unwanted lint, dust, and debris from entering.

Nasal Trimmer Mechanics

A nasal hair trimmer is typically housed in a slender plastic or metal casing which holds a type of battery. At the had of the trimmer are the rotating cutting heads which are housed in a plastic or metal guard. The guard will have slits which allow longer hairs to enter the cutting chamber and contact the blades. A small motor powered by the batteries generate the power to turn the blades at sufficient speed to cut rather than pull the unwanted hairs.

Maintenance of the Trimmer

The nasal hair trimmer is typically fairly easy to use and maintain. Many trimmers feature the ability to be rinsed under running water bot during and following use. This is a particularly good feature as this allows for properly cleaning the unit which is necessary for hygiene purposes. Some trimmers rely upon replaceable batteries for power and others upon rechargeable batteries. Periodically, batteries must be replaced or recharged for proper operation. It may also be necessary or advantageous to lightly lubricate the trimmers blades or any moving parts for best operation. Refer to the owners manual for tips and instructions regarding this.