How to Shave Your Own Head With Electric Clippers

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If you want to shave your own head but don`t want to use a razor, use a pair of clippers. A pair of clippers is reasonably priced and allows you to clip your hair in different grades. This means you can go very short -- almost as short as you can with a razor -- or leave your hair a little bit longer. Wrap a towel around your shoulders before you begin, and make sure you have at least two mirrors handy.

Determine what length you plan to shave your head down to and which guard you will need to use. The guards resemble plastic combs and can be attached to the clippers. They are numbered -- the smaller the number, the closer the cut. If you go with just the clippers -- no guards attached -- you will end up with a close cut resembling a 5 o'clock shadow. The typical "buzz" cut is usually done with a #1 or #2 guard.

Turn on the clippers. It really doesn't matter where you begin. The real key to doing this yourself is assuring that you don't miss any spots. The two most obvious ways to do this are to hold a hand-held mirror while you stand in front of another mirror so you can see your entire head, or to trim your entire head over and over again until it is simply impossible that you missed a spot.

Be careful around your ears, sideburns and cowlicks. A cowlick is an area on the head where hairs are growing in different directions. Use the ear taper combs as well. These look similar to the guards except that the edge of the guard is at an angle to the edge of the clipper. This allows you to trim around your ears without assistance. To trim cowlicks you will need to run the trimmer over the area in every possible direction. In other words, don't just run the clipper from front to back, but from left to right, right to left and back to front as well.

Trim the hairline at the back of your head. A pair of mirrors at this point can make the job much easier. If this simply isn't a possibility, don't despair. Hold a washcloth to the back of your head so that the edge of the cloth is even with where you want the hairline trimmed. Hold the washcloth in place with one hand while trimming with the other. This is a difficult move that takes time to perfect, but it is definitely doable.

Clean up. Once you are satisfied that you have not missed a spot, clean and oil your clippers before putting them away. Vacuum up your hair and hop in the shower. Use a bar of soap on your head -- this will tell you whether you have succeeded in rinsing off all of the loose hair bits that are stuck to your head. Lather, rinse and repeat until there are no more whiskers on the soap after lathering.