How to Wax Your Own Eyebrow With Stencils

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Eyebrows have the ability to frame the face flawlessly when shaped correctly. But when left to your own devices at home -- wax in hand -- it is much too easy to rip off half of an eyebrow in an instant. Eyebrow stencils serve as the ideal template and come in various eyebrow shapes such as high arched or thick and natural. Stencils give you the opportunity to experiment with different brow shapes before committing with the actual wax. Wax your brows into a flawless shape using eyebrow stencils as your guide.

Step 1

Choose a stencil that suits your natural brow shape best. If your brows are full and high set, select a stencil with a defined arch. If your brows are naturally thinner, opt for a stencil with a rounded shape.

Step 2

Place the stencil over your brow, and hold it firmly in place.

Step 3

Fill in the area within the stencil using a brow pencil.

Step 4

Remove the stencil, and check to make sure that the filled-in shape is to your liking.

Step 5

Apply your wax strip to the area beneath your brow that has not been filled in, pushing it in the direction of hair growth. Opt for all all-in-one wax strips in a smaller size for more control and less risk of taking off excess hair.

Step 6

Remove the wax strip quickly, in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Step 7

Repeat the waxing process on hair that grows above the filled-in arch.

Step 8

Flip the stencil over, then apply it to the other brow, repeating the steps.