How to Cover Bad Eyebrows

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When well-groomed, eyebrows beautifully frame the eyes and add expression to your face. Eyebrow expert, Anastasia Soare, who shapes the eyebrows of Hollywood’s most famous faces, advises choosing the right width, shape and color to bring balance and harmony to your unique bone structure. By contrast, unruly eyebrows or severely arched brows can make you look angry or unfriendly. Whether your eyebrows are naturally unattractive, or you have fallen victim to over-zealous tweezing, use one of several techniques to cover them.

Tint the eyebrows a darker color. If you mistakenly dye your brows too red, tone the color down by applying a coat of brown tint. Allow the tint to sit on the browns for a couple of minutes. Remove it and check the color. You may reapply the tint, until the color meets your preference. Use the same process to darken very light eyebrows.

Fill your brows in with taupe eye shadow. Use a thin, flat, angled brush to gently stroke the color onto the eyebrows. The darker your eyebrows the darker taupe shade you need to use. Use the same technique to enhance thin eyebrows, or to fill in a scar on the brow line that resists hair growth. Lengthen short eyebrows using the thin, flat angled brush. Gently draw on a taupe eye shadow with short stokes at the end of the eyebrow.

Change the shape of your eyebrows after completely covering them with concealer. If the brows are unruly, dampen a transparent bar of soap and stroke it over your eyebrows to smooth them in place. Then, apply the concealer thickly, using a concealer brush.

Set the concealer with powder. Draw eyebrows in the shape you desire using a brow pencil that matches the color of your hair.

Perfect the shape of eyebrows using concealer. Load a small brush with concealer and outline the top of the brow with a single, smooth stroke. Refine the look of drawn on eyebrows, using this process to draw in a natural-looking arch.

Wear a hairstyle with bangs to cover bad eyebrows. Hair that falls just over the top of your brows stylishly camouflages the over-tweezed hairs.