How to Line Your Lower Lash Line With Pencil

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There's a time for subtle, earthy, nude makeup and then there are occasions when you want to rock a dramatic eye look. Wearing eyeliner on your lower lash line adds instant edginess and can be smudged out for a sultry, smokey effect. This little feat is not to be rushed and is not as simple as merely drawing a line, but worth the time and effort when you're after a sexy, rock 'n' roll effect.

Perfectly Line Your Lower Lashes

Step 1

Start with a clean eye and look for a soft, creamy pencil eyeliner that allows for smooth, tug-free application. Begin at the outer corner of one eye and work your way inward toward the nose. Use gentle, short strokes -- almost minuscule -- softly applying liner right at the base of the lower lashes. Repeat this process two or three times, aiming to lightly layer the color bit by bit. This layering effect helps the liner stay in place longer and creates the desired color saturation without a severe, thick line.

Step 2

Once you have reached the amount of color you want on your lower lashes, take your smudge brush and use the same gentle, small strokes to smudge the liner from the outer corner toward the tear duct and soften the line.

Step 3

To amplify the impact of this eye makeup, lightly line inside the rim of your lower lashes. This tiny, flesh-toned shelf between the lash base and the inner eyelid is called the waterline. Use your ring finger to gently pull down the inside of your lower eyelid and softly run the pencil liner from the outer corner toward the inside edge of your eye.

Step 4

Clean up any liner that's smeared below the lash line with a cotton swab soaked in eye makeup remover. Be careful not to get too close to the lash line or you'll erase bits of your work and will have to start over.

Step 5

Be sure to balance the look by lining the top lash line as well. Only lining your bottom lashes tends to add age and severity to your face. Also be sure to apply a decent amount of mascara to maximize the glamorous factor of this makeup style.