How to Get the Dewy Makeup Look Over 50

Rommel Demano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fresh, radiant skin doesn't stop at a certain age, but as skin matures and gets drier and duller, achieving a youthful, dewy glow isn't always easy. Too much shine can emphasize fine lines, while makeup that is too matte can make skin look dry and lifeless. Strike the right balance by starting with the proper foundation and layering products that make you look healthy and glowing.

Step 1

Start with moisturized skin. A moisturizer formulated for your skin type will help even out rough patches and plump up fine lines. Apply moisturizer with sunscreen to your face, neck and chest during the day, and use a heavier, anti-aging cream without SPF at night.

Step 2

Choose the right foundation, which is key for dewy-looking skin. Heavy foundation and powder can look cakey and emphasize lines. Switch to lighter coverage, such as a BB cream, which moisturizes, evens skin tone, imparts a hint of color, and includes sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients. CC creams are much like BB creams, but also include color correction for dark spots. Using a light touch, strategically layer foundation on top of the BB or CC cream if additional coverage is needed, and cover spots or blemishes with a cover-up stick.

Step 3

Swap out your powder blush for a cream version. Powder blush can settle into lines and make skin look dry and matte. A sheer cream blush looks more natural and imparts a lit-from-within glow.

Step 4

Try a highlighting cream. A highlighting cream or pen brushed over your blush on the tops of cheekbones highlights them with a luminous sheen. Look for products with a subtle pearlescent finish instead of those that are sparkly or shiny, which can make skin look aged.

Step 5

Contour eyes with eye shadow. Apply a soft color, such as taupe, in the crease and a lighter color on lids. Finish with dark eyeliner on both the upper and lower lash lines for a wide-awake, lifted look. Give eyes a subtle dash of shine with a dab of lip balm or moisturizer above the crease.

Step 6

Perk up mature skin with bright, sheer lipstick. Aging skin loses pigment, so add a pop of color with a sheer formula lipstick in youthful hues such as pink and coral to make lips look bigger and lusher. Severe, dark tones, like red, and heavy, matte lip-color formulas emphasize lines around the mouth and make lips look smaller.