How to Hide Different Eye Sizes

Ralf Nau/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Humans rarely come with perfectly matched parts and features; but most of the time, these subtle differences go unnoticed. However, when your eyes are asymmetrical, it's hard to hide obvious differences in shape or size. People seeking a permanent fix may opt for cosmetic surgery, but such drastic measures aren't always necessary. You can create the illusion of even eyes with corrective makeup and with eye-lifting creams and products. It may take some practice with the makeup brush to the the right look for your eyes.

Step 1

Apply a lifting eye cream around the socket of the smaller eye. Dab the cream above the brow, outside the eye, under the eye and inside on the eyelid. Do not cover the whole lid. Instead, create a circle with the product. Once the eye-lifting ingredients become active, they will temporarily lift the skin, making the eye look bigger. Only apply the product to the smaller eye.

Step 2

Curl the eyelashes of both eyes with an eyelash curler. Curled lashes make the eyes look larger.

Step 3

Cover both eyelids with liquid or cream eye primer. Allow the product to dry before proceeding. Eye primer makes the eyeshadow color vibrant and keeps everything in place, even after a few hours of wear.

Step 4

Apply a highlighting eyeshadow that closely matches your skin tone all over your eyelids. Use the eyeshadow brush tip to dab the inner corner of the eye, on the top and bottom, with the highlighting eyeshadow. Do this for both eyes.

Step 5

Select an eyeshadow crayon two shades darker than your highlighter. Rub the crayon on the inside of the eye, following the line of the eye socket. Roll the entire socket of the larger eye. For the smaller eye, use the crayon but stop short, just past the eye pupil. Use your middle finger to blend the crayon into the highlighter on both eyes.

Step 6

Line the top of the eyes only, starting at the inside of the eye, working out. Drawing a straight line is impossible. Instead, draw the line, then use a clean eyeshadow applicator and smudge the line. If you feel comfortable, use liquid eyeliner to get a clean, sharp line. Do not line the lower lashes; this will only highlight the differences in the shape.

Step 7

Apply two coats of mascara to your eyelashes for a wide-eyed, more even look.