How to Use Bare Minerals for Under-Eye Circles

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For years, experts have impressed upon women that liquid foundations contain many unfamiliar chemicals that can stress skin and deteriorate the health of skin cells. Mineral foundations and concealers made from natural mineral bases, like zinc oxide, iron oxide and mica, have the advantage of containing no mystery ingredients, and many skin types respond well to these minerals by allowing the skin to breathe. Bare-mineral concealers offer consistent coverage for concealing those under-eye circles as long as your skin is well moisturized and the product is carefully applied.

Prepare the Skin

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, and then apply a facial moisturizer to your entire face, concentrating the product on particularly dry areas. Apply a pea-sized amount of skin0brightening eye cream to the skin all around your eyes to help revitalize the skin. Allow the moisturizer to absorb into the skin for about 20 minutes before applying any makeup. Well-moisturized skin all over your face helps you look more refreshed and helps your makeup blend more naturally.

Apply Foundation

Apply your foundation and blush as you normally would. Whether you choose a bare minerals foundation or a liquid product, be sure to choose a foundation that matches your skin color as closely as possible for the most natural look. Always apply your foundation before the concealer.

Choose the Right Concealer

Buy a concealer with a slightly yellow undertone to counteract the blue tones of under-eye circles. Also, be careful to buy a concealer that isn't too bright or shimmery so that concealed areas don't stand out more blatantly than the rest of your skin.

Apply the Concealer

Dip a flat concealer brush into the bare-mineral concealer, and tap off the excess product. Draw an angled line with the tip of the loaded concealer brush starting just under your tear duct and sweeping down to directly underneath your pupil. This line should follow the natural line of any under-eye circles you have.


Blend the concealer up from the line you just drew and into any dark areas under the eye using quick, small, gentle strokes with the concealer brush. Slowly build up the amount of concealer, concentrating the concealer on the darkest areas. Blend any excess concealer out toward the outer corner of your eye so that there is a seamless finish between the concealer and your foundation.


Buff away any excess concealer with a clean concealer brush. Avoid applying more concealer than necessary since bare-mineral concealers have a dry, opaque, matte finish that can make skin appear dry. Smile to ensure that the concealer has been blended into the skin and that there are no blatantly bright areas or any powdery buildup. If there are any areas that are not blended sufficiently, buff over the area lightly with the concealer brush a final time.