How to Use Bare Minerals Warmth Powder

One of the top selling products for Bare Minerals is its Warmth powder face color. However, this unique bronze colored powder isn’t what might be expected. It isn’t really like any standard bronzer at all. Instead, it is like a kiss of candlelight that can be added to the complexion any time of the night or day. Warmth, like all products by Bare Minerals, is made up of minerals found within the earth. It contains no chemicals, additives, preservatives, fragrances, or binding agents that can irritate sensitive skin. Over the years, customers have determined that Warmth can be used in a number of different ways.

Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying.

Use any standard skin care regimen that might be desired. Bare Minerals also offers a great many other beauty products that you can try to compliment the Warmth powder.

Apply Warmth powder in the place of regular make-up. When a natural, healthy glow is all that is desired, it's perfect. Warmth definitely fits the bill. Using a large, fluffy powder brush, swirl the product into the brush. Tap off the excess and sweep it lightly around the perimeter of the face, across the forehead and down the bridge of the nose.

Utilize Warmth over foundation for a sun-lit look that appears to glow from within. Use the same procedure outlined in Step 3 above.

Use Warmth as a facial contour. With a contour brush, load the product using the same swirl and tap method. Suck in the hallows of the cheeks. Apply a light, even sweep of Warmth therein. Apply Bare Minerals blush on the apples of the cheeks to finish the look. Warmth can also be used as a contour on the eyes. Using a smaller eye contour brush, sweep the product into the crease of the eye.

Apply Warmth as an eye shadow. Using a shadow brush, swirl, tap and sweep the powder onto the eyelids just like any other eye shadow. Apply dry for a softer, natural look or wet for a more dramatic bronzed effect. Apply eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.

Sweep Warmth over the apples of the cheeks for a natural looking blush. Using a blush brush, loaded by the swirl and tap method, sweep the product on just like any other Bare Minerals blush product. Apply a light coat for a slight glow or a heavier amount for a more bronzed look.

Use Warmth anywhere on the body where a sun-kissed look is desired. Apply using the swirl, tap and sweep method with a large powder brush.