How to Trim the Length of False Lashes

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Even if you're not blessed with long, voluminous eyelashes, a pair of false lashes can help you achieve the look. However, a set of falsies right from the package may not be a perfect fit -- the strip may be too wide for your eyes or the lashes may be a bit longer than you'd like. This could lead to an unnatural look and irritation to the skin. Therefore, before applying your new lashes, give the strip and individual hairs a trim for the best look and fit.

Step 1

Take one eyelash out of the packaging and stand in front of a well-lit mirror.

Step 2

Press the fake eyelash over your own eyelashes. Note how much of the false eyelash hangs over the edge of your eye.

Step 3

Remove the false eyelash from your eye. Use a small pair of scissors to cut off the extra length of the lash strip, from either end. If you have tapered false eyelashes, cut off the longest lashes and keep the shorter ones. This will give your lashes a softer, more natural look.

Step 4

Trim the individual lash hairs to the desired length, if they're too long. Cut the hairs so that they are slightly tapered -- instead of straight across -- so they look more natural. For example, taper the lashes so they're shortest on the inside corner of your eyes, a bit longer in the center and longest on the outside corner of your eyes.

Step 5

Hold the false eyelash up to your eye again and trim some more, if necessary.

Step 6

Repeat this process to measure and cut the second false eyelash.