How to Create Bold and Separated Eyelashes

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Bold, separated lashes are one way to make your peepers really stand out. Achieving bold lashes doesn’t have to be a feat for the pros. Glamorous lashes can easily be created with the right beauty tools and steps. If you want to make your eyes pop, make sure your bold lashes are also separated so they are your look's focal point.

Step 1

Start with clean eyes. Applying mascara onto eyes with makeup or even makeup residue can lead to flaking and lashes sticking together.

Step 2

Apply any eye shadow or other makeup, saving lashes for last. If you do lashes first, you risk getting powder on lashes or smudging your mascara. Also curl lashes prior to putting on mascara.

Step 3

Remove the brush from the mascara tube and run the bristles across the opening of the tube to remove excess mascara that can lead to globs. Comb the brush over your top lashes working from the inside corner out, gently shimmying the brush back and forth to keep lashes separate.

Step 4

Make sure to get full coverage by applying mascara to the top of your lashes and not just to the front side. Redip the mascara brush and apply another layer to the top lashes, swooping lashes through the brush.

Step 5

Wait a minute for mascara to dry and use a plastic lash brush to comb out any clumps and separate lashes. Repeat the previous steps with your bottom lashes as desired or just apply mascara to top lashes for a flirty look.