How to Dye Grey Eyebrows

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Banish those grey eyebrow hairs to reveal a more youthful-looking appearance. Eyebrows, like hair, change over time to reveal grey or white hairs in place of your original haircolor. Stopping the transformation is simple and easy with a little help from a professional, or doing it yourself at home with a box color. Eyebrows can be tricky to work with because of their location; therefore, choose a well-lit area to work in, with a mirror, to give every hair full coverage.

Groom your eyebrows by tweezing, waxing or trimming with grooming scissors. Wait 24 hours to color your eyebrows after tweezing or waxing.

Choose an eyebrow color that matches your hair. Eyebrow and hair color go hand-in-hand; therefore, having two different colors on your face looks false and unflattering.

Mix the haircolor according to the package directions. Pour a small amount of the haircolor into a dish; you only need a small amount of color for your eyebrows. This leaves plenty of haircolor left if you plan to touch up your roots also.

Dip the cotton swap into the petroleum jelly and outline the perimeter of the eyebrow. The petroleum jelly prevents the dye from staining the skin under and over the eyebrow. Do not get the petroleum jelly on the eyebrow itself, as the dye will not stain the hairs.

Apply a small amount of dye to the old toothbrush and brush along the eyebrow line. An old, clean mascara wand can substitute for the toothbrush if needed. The dye should completely saturate the hairs along the eyebrow line. Use the toothbrush to work the dye to the roots of the hairs.

Wait the allotted time specified on the haircolor directions. To remove the dye, simply wet a washcloth with warm water and wipe the dye off the eyebrow, one eyebrow at a time. The washcloth should not be dripping wet, only damp, to prevent dye running down your face and into your eyes.