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by Jaimie Zinski ; Updated September 28, 2017

Remove gray hair from a beard with Just For Men beard dye.

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Many men who notice a few gray hairs in their beard use Just For Men beard dye. They can achieve a natural look for less money than the cost of a salon visit. Just For Men beard dye comes in a variety of shades, including sandy blond, light brown, medium brown and jet black. The kit can be purchased at department and drug stores. The dye can be applied in less than 10 minutes.

Choose the beard dye that most closely matches the natural color of your beard.

Open the Just for Men beard dye box. It should include a Color Base tube, a Color Developer tube, a mixing tray, a pair of gloves and a small plastic brush.

Squeeze a line of the Color Base into one side of the tray. Wear the gloves to prevent the product from touching your skin.

Squeeze a line of Color Developer into the opposite side of the tray.

Place the caps back onto the Color Base and Color Developer tubes and set them aside.

Mix the two colors together with the blunt end of the applicator brush. Clean the brush after the Color Base and Color Developer are blended.

Apply the beard dye to the facial hair using the applicator brush. Work from the top of the beard down. Avoid rubbing the dye into the beard, which could irritate the skin.

Allow the dye to remain on the beard for five minutes. Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.

Shampoo the dyed facial hair. Rinse out the shampoo with warm water. Dry hair.


  • Rinse the applicator brush, plastic tray and gloves while the dye is on the beard. The product can be reused for up to three months.

    Avoid washing the face or beard before application. This removes natural oils found on the body and beard that protect the skin during the dyeing process.

    Dry beard with an unwanted towel. The dye permanently stains any fabric it touches.

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