How to Dye a Beard or Mustache

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There are a variety of products on the market to dye a beard or moustache, but the procedures involved are often the same. Some of the many popular men’s hair coloring products include Just for Men, Grecian Formula and Grey Remover. Most grey facial hair can be covered by using a beard and moustache dying kit.

Purchase a beard and moustache dye kit. Read the box for instructions and match your desired hair color with the color on the box. Some brands show two or more optional coloring selections. Your moustache or beard should match the hair on your head. Do not assume that the instructions are exactly the same for every hair dye kit.

Check whether you have to mix. Many brands of beard and moustache dye require you to combine a color with an activator. These should be mixed thoroughly for the dye to work. Wear the plastic gloves (they usually come with the kit) to protect your hands from staining. The mixture should be applied within 2 minutes after opening the tubes.

Apply the dye with the small brush that comes with the kit. Brush only your hair, not your skin. Hair dye is hard to remove once it dries. Brush from the roots and work to the tips of your hair.

Apply the mixture lightly. Remember that you can dye your moustache or beard again to darken the color, but you can't lighten your hair once it's too dark. Apply the dye evenly to cover your entire beard or moustache. The longer you keep the dye on, the darker the hair will become. Most dyes should be left on from 5 to 15 minutes. Check the instructions.

Rinse and dry your moustache or beard thoroughly. Discard the plastic gloves and rinse your mixing tray and brush. Clean any dye from your sink and counters. The dye can be difficult to remove it once it dries. If your hair is too light, try another hair dying session until you attain the shade you want.