How to Strip Black Dye Out of Hair

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Hoby Finn/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Whether you are tired of an old dye job or you are just ready for something new, you might need to remove black hair dye from your hair. Black hair dye is notoriously stubborn to get out of hair; and if you need to get it out completely, you will have to undergo some fairly harsh procedures. It can be done with the right hair product and some patience.

Apply the color stripper to your hair. There are many different color strippers on the market; two that you might want to consider are Color Zap by L'Oreal and Color Fix by Jheri Redding. Follow the instructions listed on the box.

Allow your hair to dry completely.

Mix the powder bleach and the peroxide from the bleaching kit together in a bowl. Remember to add the peroxide to the bleach slowly and to stir until you get a thick paste.

Protect your clothes and your skin by putting on plastic gloves and wrapping a towel around your shoulders.

Apply petroleum jelly all around the hairline and to the tips of your ears. This will protect your hair from the bleach.

Use the small brush that comes with the bleaching kit to distribute the bleach through your hair. Go from back to front. Work quickly and distribute the bleach paste evenly.

Cover your hair with a plastic hair cover. Your bleaching kit will likely include a plastic hair cover; but if it does not, you can easily pick one up from a beauty supply shop.

Let the bleach sit on your hair for the amount of time indicated on the bleaching kit. If you rinse it out before it has done its job, your hair will not have the results that you need; and if you leave it on too long, you could damage your hair

Rinse the hair bleach and the petroleum jelly out with a mild shampoo. Be thorough so that there are no chemicals left in your hair.

Condition your hair with a good conditioner to help repair any damage to the hair shaft and ends.