How to Make a Gray Beard Dark Again

by Fahlen Brown ; Updated September 28, 2017

Beard and mustache dyeing kits allow you to darken your beard.

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If you have a gray beard and want to darken it, there are many products on the market that allow you to safely dye your beard. Commercial products like Just For Men specialize in helping men darken gray beards. They come with a kit that allows men to easily dye a gray beard and bring the natural hair color back.

Buy a beard and mustache dye kit. Match your desired beard color with the color on the box. Your beard should ideally match your hair color.

Follow the instructions on the beard and mustache dye kit. Many kits require you to mix a color with an activator in order for the dye to work. Wear plastic gloves to keep the dye from staining your hands.

Apply the dye to your beard with a small brush. The dye should be applied within two minutes of mixing the color and activator. Only brush the dye on your beard, not your skin. Brush the dye from root to tips of the hairs.

Cover your entire beard with the dye. Allow the dye to sit for a few minutes. Your beard will darken more the longer you leave the dye on it. Dye can be safely left on from 5 to 15 minutes.

Rinse your beard thoroughly with warm water. Dry your beard with a towel. Clean your bathroom area and wipe any dye from sink and counter surfaces before it dries. Wait for your beard to dry. If you don't obtain the shade you want with the first dyeing, try a second for a darker shade.


  • Hair dye contains chemicals that harm your hair if used too often. Do not dye hair more often than once every four weeks.

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