How to Get Rid of the Gray in Beards

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You don’t have to shave your beard off if you notice a lot of gray hairs growing. If you decide having a gray beard makes you appear too old and distinguished, you can get rid of the gray hairs by dying it. You can go to a barber shop and have a barber dye your beard for you. However, having a professional do it is quite expensive. Instead, save money by purchasing an inexpensive facial hair coloring kit at a supermarket or drug store.

Prepare the facial hair dye kit according to the directions in the packaging. Wear protective clothing and gloves to avoid staining.

Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly or baby oil onto the skin surrounding your beard. This will prevent the facial hair dye from dying your skin.

Apply the facial hair dye evenly to your beard using the applicator stick or brush that came with the kit. Leave the dye in your beard for about 10 to 15 minutes or according to the directions in the packaging.

Lean over a sink and wash your beard thoroughly under running water. Pat your beard dry with a clean dry towel.