How to Get Yellow Out of a Gray Beard

Kevin Peterson/Photodisc/Getty Images

For most men, graying is a fact of life. When worn with confidence, gray in a beard looks distinguished. Yellowing is a common problem as gray hair ages. Several brightening shampoos and conditioners are on the market for gray hair and also can be used on beards. These product contain toners that gently dye gray hairs. The dye tones down brassiness to remove the yellow and returns the beard to a crisp, vibrant gray hue.

Wet your beard with distilled water. The chlorine in tap water is often partially responsible for yellowing in gray beards.

Lather the brightening shampoo in your beard. Work it in to make sure all of your beard is covered, not just the yellow hairs.

Rinse the shampoo out with distilled water after the manufacturer-recommended set time. Do not exceed the set time. Prolonged exposure may give the gray in your beard a bluish tint.

Pat your beard dry with a clean towel.