How to Make Black Eyebrows Brown

If you have naturally dark hair and you dye it a lighter color, your eyebrows will most likely not match. Since you are already dying your hair yourself, you will most likely want to lighten your eyebrows on your own. Always follow safety precautions when dying your eyebrows. If you have sensitive skin you may want to refrain from lightening your eyebrows, since you can run the risk of developing a rash.

Trim and shape the eyebrows to remove any hairs that do not need to be dyed.

Lightly apply cream hair bleach to your brows using a cotton swab or brush applicator. Avoid getting cream bleach on the skin directly. Do not apply a thick layer of cream bleach that can drip and fall off. Time the bleach for one to two minutes.

Run a washcloth under warm water. Wipe the cream bleach off the eyebrows carefully, using the washcloth. Do not rub or spread the bleach into the eye or on the skin. Be sure the washcloth is wrung out, so excess water does not run the bleach down your face.

Follow the directions on the semi-permanent hair color you have selected to mix the color. Wear the applicator gloves to prevent dye from getting on your hands.

Use a cotton swab to apply the semi-permanent hair color to your eyebrows. Leave color on for a few minutes, until the eyebrow begins to change to the color you want. Use a warm washcloth to remove the hair color from your eyebrows.

Reapply the hair color, if your eyebrows are not dark enough.