How to Darken a Goatee Beard

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

There are many reasons why a man might want his goatee beard to appear darker. An older man might want to appear younger for a meeting, or a light-haired man may need to appear darker for a character in a play or film. There are a number of semipermanent products on the market for darkening hair, but a temporary solution is to use waterproof mascara.

Select a shade of waterproof mascara that is close to your hair color. Most men will use medium to dark brown. Do not use black unless your hair is also black; otherwise it will look artificial.

Unscrew the mascara cap and remove it from the tube. It has a built-in mascara wand.

Wipe excess blobs of mascara off of the wand with a tissue.

Bush the mascara onto the hairs of your goatee, beginning under your lip and working your way down. Remove any mascara that gets on your skin with a pointed cotton swab before it can dry.

Apply mascara to your mustache, if you have one, beginning under your nose and working down to the sides of the mouth.

Allow the mascara to dry. You can speed this process with a hair dryer if desired.

Apply a second coat of mascara if needed.

Brush through your goatee in a downward motion with a fine-toothed comb to remove mascara clumps and separate individual hairs.