How to Glaze Gray Hair

Gray hair can sometimes look dull and lifeless. Using a glaze on gray hair can revive it and add semi-permanent color, depth and shine. It's like adding a top coat of polish for your hair. When selecting a color glaze, you should choose one that is the same color as your current hue to add shine and vitality. Or, you can select a color slightly lighter than your current color to slightly conceal grays and give them a highlighted appearance.

Put an old towel around your shoulders and put your gloves on.

Pour the hair glaze product into the color applicator bottle (or use the manufacturer’s applicator bottle if the glaze comes in one already).

Apply the glaze to the hair, making sure to thoroughly saturate all strands of hair.

Leave the hair glaze on the hair for the amount of time recommended in the product instructions and then rinse out.