How to Make Purple Hair Dye From Kool Aid

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Bright, colorful, purple hair doesn't have to come from a salon or cost you lots of money. Simple Kool-Aid can dye your hair. It's a simple process that will leave your hair just as wild and crazy as you are.

Put on an old t-shirt to prevent staining your clothing. Spread a light layer of petroleum jelly around your ears, neck and face. This will prevent the dye from staining your skin.

Put on a pair of rubber or plastic gloves and empty one or two packets of sugar-free Kool-Aid packets into a small bowl.

Add a few drops of water to the Kool-Aid and stir it with a spoon. Add a couple drops of hair conditioner to the mix and stir it into a paste-like substance.

Apply the mix to wet or dry hair and wrap your head with plastic wrap, a plastic bag or shower cap. Leave the mix overnight for a brighter, bolder color. Rinse it out in the morning.