How to Stripe My Eyebrows

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Through the 1980s, shaved eyebrow stripes had several meanings associated with gang activity. Today, young men shave stripes into their eyebrows to look tough and intimidating, impress girls or emulate rap artists who sport the trend. Vanilla Ice, Soulja Boy and other past and present rap stars have worn thin stripes in their eyebrows. With patience and the right accessories, you can create eyebrow stripes in minutes.

Draw lines on your eyebrows where you want the stripes to be. Use liquid eyeliner or eyebrow pencil with a sharp point in a color that contrasts with your eyebrow hair. Most draw three or fewer lines near the end of the eyebrow, spaced slightly apart. Angle the lines slightly in toward your nose.

Place your facial trimmer diagonally on your eyebrow so the shaver covers one of the lines. Turn on the trimmer and hold it in place for a few seconds. The trimmer will shave off a thin eyebrow line. Repeat this process for each stripe.

Wash your eyebrows with soap and water to remove the makeup. Examine your brows. If unsatisfied with the stripes, draw lines again and repeat the shaving process.