How to Cover Up Razor Rash With Make-Up

Razor rash is the red irritation bumps that can appear after shaving an area. This can be unsightly as well as painful and can ruin a clean shave for a man or bikini or underarm area for a lady. It is possible to conceal a razor rash using make-up blemish concealer, which gives the appearance of a normal skin color. The blemish concealer picked for the job should be one that matches your skin tone exactly so that it does not appear that you have applied anything.

Wash and dry the area to be concealed with soap and water.

Apply a layer of oil-free foundation to the affected area with a cosmetic brush.

Apply blemish concealer specifically to the different parts of the affected areas using a cosmetic brush, clean fingertips, a makeup brush or a cotton swab. Ensure that these items are clean before using them to apply the concealer. Allow the concealer a few minutes to dry.

Brush the dried makeup with an oil-free powder to set the foundation and concealer.