How to Choose the Perfect Black Hair Color


Raven black tresses can create a sultry and intense look, but the wrong color can wash out your skin tone. Discover how dying your shade of hair black will suit your skin tone, as well as tips for attaining shiny dark hair.

Depending on the current state of your hair, you will decide to choose a permanent, semi-permanent or a non-peroxide based dye. Permanent and semi-permanent dyes will bleach hair two shades lighter than your natural color, so if you have already have color treated hair, the best bet is a dye with low or no peroxide.

There is only one shade of black offered by hair dye manufacturers. Look into each of the different brands to see what type of variations you can find. Try visiting a beauty supply store for a larger selection of black dyes available and more competitive prices.

Do you have thin or thick locks? Is your hair wavy, pin straight or curly? These are factors that will affect how black hair color will look after it is dyed. Thick and wavy hair will appear much darker than thin or straight hair.

Is your hair blond? If your hair is a pale shade of blond you will want to choose a black dye with heavy coverage, such as a formula for covering gray hair. There is no reason to bleach hair unnecessarily.

Is your hair red? Try to choose a permanent or semi-permanent black dye to tone down the copper tones that may shine through after coloring using a dye with no peroxide or ammonia. Look for a formula that is long lasting as brassiness is a factor after a few weeks of showering.

If you are a brunette, a low-ammonia formula is the best option. A permanent dye may be too harsh for such a small change in color and a no peroxide formula will wash out too soon or seem as if it does not take to your hair.

Fair skin and dark hair can make for a mysterious and exotic look. It may be helpful to use a self tanner the first week after making a drastic change in the hair color that naturally compliments your skin tone.

Medium toned skin can seem overwhelmed by black colored hair so try to avoid anything with a blue tint. Those with darker toned skin tones with find dark black hair can be quite flattering on the eyes.

The best way to select a shade of black hair color for your skin tone is to look at as many pictures online or in magazines and try to identify a look that works for you. Keep in mind it can be hard to blend other colored highlights with black hair and better match your skins' undertones.