What Would Go with a Black & Blue Skirt?

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Wearing a patterned skirt is an ideal way to spice up your look for the office, a dinner party or just a weekend of errands. When your skirt features a combination of blue and black, though, you may not know what to pair with it. There's no need to fret, though -- black is a neutral that works with any color, and you can combine blue with several different shades depending on the look you want. Whatever colors you choose, opt for a simple top so your blue and black skirt is the focal point of your look.

Go Neutral

When you’re wearing a two-toned patterned skirt, pairing it with a simple, understated top is the safest bet. That’s why wearing a solid, neutral-colored top with your blue and black skirt creates such an elegant look. Black is a neutral shade itself, so you can go extremely simple and wear your skirt with a black blouse or tank top. If you want a little more variety to your look, a crisp white button-down blouse can work well tucked into a blue and black pencil skirt. With a more casual skirt, you can even try a basic white or gray V-neck T-shirt. Top in earthy neutrals like beige, tan and taupe can also work with a blue and black skirt. Even denim serves as a neutral, so you also can also pair your skirt with a denim or chambray shirt for a casual look.

Get the Blues

You can create a classy, sophisticated look with your blue and black skirt by pairing it with a blue top -- and if you add black and blue accessories like shoes and jewelry, your entire outfit is limited to just two shades for a sleek, modern look. For the cleanest look, choose a blue top that matches the shade in your skirt exactly. For example, if your skirt features cobalt and black stripes, pair it with a cobalt blue sweater or tunic. However, you can play with other blue shades and still create a cohesive look. Try a top in a paler shade of blue like sky or robin’s egg to lighten up your look.

Keep It Cool

If you prefer a more colorful style, you don’t have to pair your black and blue skirt with neutrals or shades of blue. Create an elegant but striking look by wearing your skirt with a top in a cool-toned shade. Since blue is also a cool color and black is a neutral, your shirt will complement the skirt without any worries of it clashing. Try a rich emerald or hunter green sweater with an A-line skirt or tuck a purple blouse into a pencil skirt.

Be Bold

Pairing clothing pieces in contrasting colors is a surefire way to stand out. Since black is a neutral that works with most colors, focus on the blue in your skirt when you want to create a contrast. Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, so they're an ideal pairing. Pair your black and blue skirt with a bold tangerine tank top for a fun summer outfit. If you prefer a softer look, try a pale peach blouse to lighten up the look of the skirt. You can also use smaller orange accessories to create an accent when you’re wearing your skirt with a neutral or blue top – slip on a pair of apricot ballet flats or wear a bold statement necklace that features amber beads.