What Color Would Go With a Yellow Blouse?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yellow is a fun and happy color, but it can be tricky to figure out what other colors and patterns complement the sunny hue. Surprisingly, other bold shades can look equally as great with yellow as neutrals and more subdued tones do. Wearing one yellow piece -- like a blouse -- can be a great way to ease into the vivid color without feeling overwhelmed by its attention-grabbing nature. Or, use your blouse as the starting point for a head-to-toe vibrant look.

Bold Tones

Although yellow is a strong color itself, several other bright tones -- blue and green, for example -- look striking with yellow shades. Virtually all hues of blue and yellow work well together, making it difficult to get this color pairing wrong. Wear your sunny yellow blouse with a light blue cardigan for an airy, summer look, or pair a neon yellow top with cobalt pants for a much bolder contrast. If green is your color of choice, wear a pastel yellow tee with aqua or hunter green skinny jeans to serve as a strong contrast to your soft blouse. For any bold color pairings like these, pick shoes and bags in a basic tan palette and keep jewelry understated.

Understated Neutrals

Because yellow is such an eye-catching color, you can easily let your blouse be the statement-maker of your outfit by keeping other separates and accessories neutral. When choosing neutrals to pair with your blouse, be sure to consider the specific shade of your top. Generally, black and camel both work well with most yellow tones. Darker brown tends to work better with lighter shades, and white offers a great complementary contrast to vibrant yellow hues. If your top is pastel yellow, try wearing it with black skinny jeans, black boots and a soft beige bag. During the summer months, opt for a vivid yellow blouse with a bright white pair of pants, gold flat sandals and a warm, gold-toned leather clutch.

Head-to-Toe Yellow

If you’re feeling bold, go head-to-toe yellow, and pair your blouse with pants or a skirt in the sunny color. Play around with different yellow shades -- wear a bright yellow blouse with some butter-colored skinny jeans, for example -- or stick with a single hue for your monochrome look. When wearing your blouse with other yellow pieces, keep your accessories relatively tame. Whether bright or pastel, your yellow clothes will make a bold statement themselves, and loud accessories would compete with the rest of your outfit. Simple black pumps and a navy or black clutch is all you need to finish off your look. For jewelry, warm gold tones are enhanced by yellow, so choose a delicate gold necklace or a simple pair of earrings.

Color Wheel Complements

On the color wheel, yellow and purple are complementary colors; when worn together, darker shades of purple and yellow create an exceptionally rich aesthetic. Wear your mustard blouse with a deep aubergine skirt and brown boots for a fantastic fall or winter look. Or, pair your bright yellow shirt with a lavender cardigan and dark blue jeans. Pink-purple tones -- like magenta or berry -- also look terrific with yellow. Wear a dark berry or plum pair of skinny jeans with your neon yellow top, or wear a magenta blazer over a light yellow blouse for an eye-catching pop of complementary color.