Flowers That Match Navy Blue Dresses

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Whether you are choosing flowers for your wedding or picking out the perfect corsage to match a prom dress, you have a great variety of colors to choose from. Yellow or pink flowers really pop against the dark background of a navy dress. White also adds contrast while maintaining a simple elegance. You might also choose an arrangement of flowers in a variety of colors for added personalization.

Yellow Flowers

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According to, “A color palette of navy and yellow is clean, classic, and versatile.” Bright yellow daffodils are an excellent choice for a spring wedding or other special event. Roses, peonies, iris, tulips and several varieties of lilies all come in varying shades of yellow which will match a navy blue dress. Choose a lighter shade for a subtle contrast against your navy dress or a brighter shade if you prefer a brilliant splash of color. For a finishing touch, choose a single yellow calla lily as a boutonniere for your groomsmen or prom date.

Pink Flowers

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Pink is another contrasting flower color that matches a navy blue dress. Use peonies or roses ranging from a delicate coral to a blazing hot pink to create a number of different looks. Much like yellow flowers, a lighter shade of pink will create a subtle contrast while a darker shade will really pop against your navy dresses. Large pink Gerbera daisies are a striking choice to match your navy dresses.

White Flowers

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White flowers are the perfect choice for a simple, elegant wedding or a nautical themed wedding. Try white delphiniums at the center of a bouquet of orchids, embellished with pearlescent beads. Choose a navy blue, satin ribbon to wrap around the stems and finish the bouquet with a bow. White tulips, hydrangeas, dahlias and chrysanthemums can also match a navy dress, depending on the look you are attempting to achieve. You might also try a selection of narcissus and ranunculus tied together with a simple navy ribbon.

Multiple Colors

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Another option when choosing flowers for your wedding or other special event is to arrange a bouquet of flowers in several complementary colors. White and pink roses interspersed among coral bells, Queen Anne’s lace, artemisia and blue delphiniums are one option. Mix bright red and yellow peonies to really make a statement.