Traditional Flowers & Plants for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

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The 50th wedding anniversary is quite a milestone. A statement to strength, love and commitment, it is fitting that this celebration is represented by gold, a strong and beautiful metal. While many people know that this is the "golden" anniversary, less well-known is that there are two flowers associated with it.


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The traditional flower of a 50th wedding anniversary is the violet. One legend suggests this originated with Napoleon and Josephine. When she married Napoleon, Josephine was said to have worn a string of violets and her husband marked each anniversary with a violet arrangement. A symbol of modesty, virtue and faithfulness, violets are an appropriate flower for a long-lasting relationship.

Yellow Roses

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Since violets are difficult to work into floral arrangements and many people are unaware of their association with the golden anniversary, yellow roses have become a popular option. Their color is a natural tie-in with the symbolism and, along with their subtle scent, they have come to represent the beauty of a long, successful relationship.


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While no one plant is associated with the 50th wedding anniversary, it is possible to give the couple a lasting version of the traditional flowers. A yellow rose bush would provide annual reminders of the special day. Some rose bushes have been named "Golden Anniversary" and would be especially appropriate. Potted violets would also last longer than a bouquet. Tie a gold bow around the pot to symbolize the golden anniversary.

Other Options

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Although violets and yellow roses are the traditional flowers for a 50th wedding anniversary, you can give the couple other floral arrangements. If there is a flower that is special to them, give them a bouquet of 50 stems. Other yellow flowers make attractive arrangements, such as daffodils, tulips and daisies. Add greenery to the bouquet to make the flowers pop.