What Is the Symbolic Meaning of a Black Wedding Dress?

What the bride says goes on her wedding day, and that includes her decision to wear a black dress. Why she picks the color for the dress is personal, but there are also some traditional meanings attached to this particular hue.


A bride who wants to flaunt popular convention can pick a black gown to show her rebellion against traditional wedding colors of white, cream and champagne.


In Spain it is a tradition for women to wear black gowns, which are to symbolize that the bride is faithful until death.


Ladies who want people to always remember their wedding cannot go wrong by wearing a black gown, which will definitely stand out.


Black, in wedding dresses, is a color to wear to show that you are very independent and confident.


Wearing a black dress could complement the atmosphere or season of the wedding, such as nuptials that are held at Halloween, or to show respect for a recent loss in the family.


Ladies who consider themselves goth may pick black to reflect their lifestyle; black is the most popular color among the goth set.